Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NTU Flagship Day 2 Reflections

Day 2:
I did not expect EEE, or Digital Image Processing to be so complex. I used to think that EEE was a subject teaching us about Photoshop, editing images. But now I realized that it is about compressing images, extracting information out from pixels. So today we had a slide overview about the topic. Even though it was hard to understand, I managed to digest the loaded information the professor told us. He did say that the things he is telling us, is meant for A-levels. The professor basically told us that images can be zoomed in to find thousands of pixels. Information in a form of binary codes can be removed from the pixels with the help of a very complicated mathematical formula. Today's activities are really based around the computer, not meant for outdoor people who want to engage themselves in hands on activities. Sadly to say, that I am an outdoors person, but this activity is engaging enough to push me forwards.

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