Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NTU Flagship Day 3 Reflections

Day 3:
Today we had to present our findings and work from yesterday. I think that my sub-group's presentation was really well done. Unfortunately our sub-group was not chosen for the 'competition' to represent our project to the school. I am actually disappointed because a group member had put in a lot of effort into our sub-group's slides, but in the end, we failed.

Questions about discipline rarely comes to my head. I guess that our group did not meet our Teacher Advisor's expectations throughout the camp. Our group has been really noisy at the start, but after a few scoldings and talks from our Teacher Advisor, we have became more...responsible for our actions.

The NTU Flagship camp has been really interesting and fun. There are times when I am enjoying time with my friends, but there are also times when I am really bored or anxious.

Overall, I would never forget this memorable camp. It may be short, but in the end, it felt short because time flies when you are having a great time.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NTU Flagship Day 2 Reflections

Day 2:
I did not expect EEE, or Digital Image Processing to be so complex. I used to think that EEE was a subject teaching us about Photoshop, editing images. But now I realized that it is about compressing images, extracting information out from pixels. So today we had a slide overview about the topic. Even though it was hard to understand, I managed to digest the loaded information the professor told us. He did say that the things he is telling us, is meant for A-levels. The professor basically told us that images can be zoomed in to find thousands of pixels. Information in a form of binary codes can be removed from the pixels with the help of a very complicated mathematical formula. Today's activities are really based around the computer, not meant for outdoor people who want to engage themselves in hands on activities. Sadly to say, that I am an outdoors person, but this activity is engaging enough to push me forwards.

NTU Flagship Day 1 Reflections

My Reflections:

I feel that today's activities as not as engaging as I expected it to be as it was just administrative work, but I guess that that it still very important. This project would probably give me skills in compressing, reduce the nosiness in any image. Any immediate questions has not yet surfaced to me yet, but I am hoping that some would arise.